Dr. Solomon is available for lecture presentations, media presentations, and community service.

Dr. Solomon is also available for psychological testing and evaluations. Her assessment services cover a wide array of issues including ADHD evaluations, bariatric/weight loss, and pre-surgery evaluations.

Psychological Testing for Children, Teens, & Adults:

Dr. Solomon can provide you with a psycho-educational assessment aimed at targeting the students specific strengths and areas for improvement. The results of psychological testing can be used to provide support for special accommodations because of ADHD at schools, acquire accommodations on standardized tests (SAT or GRE, for example) or to make more accurate diagnoses for determining the appropriate course of treatment.

Dr. Solomon has experience in performing neuropsychological and pre-surgical assessment and intervention. Some of the things that neuropsychological testing can help to identify and clarify are executive functioning deficits, emotional issues including anxiety, and ADHD. The quality of her work is what sets her apart. She will go above and beyond the standard assessment and make the results and recommendations applicable to the physician, patient, and support system. She will provide quick and efficient results needed for education and provide flexible hours to meet your needs. Theses assessments and interventions will help you identify, understand, and compensate for areas of weakness. She can help teach organizational skills to improve school and work functioning. Dr. Solomon’s goal is to help parents and teachers to set up behavior modification plans for children with challenging behaviors and help patients and families cope with medical/neurological disorders. Developing better social skills to foster friendships, dating, and deal with marital issues can also be achieved.

Pre-Surgical Evaluations:

Dr. Solomon also knowledge and experience in collaborating with other healthcare professionals in the bariatric/weight loss, fertility, and pain management fields, providing pre-surgery screening, as well as post-operative support.

Assessments generally culminate in the completion of a written report that provides a diagnosis, treatment or other recommendations, and answers any other specific questions. Pricing can vary significantly depending on the extent of testing required.

Social-Emotional Functioning & Personality:

A leading contemporary personality theorist, Theodore Millon, offers a bioevolutionary theory of personality development in which personality formation is viewed as a process of learned strategies used to secure positive reinforcement and minimize punishment. According to this theory, maladaptive personality styles are shaped by inflexible approaches to seeking survival aims.

Psychological assessment concerned with social-emotional problems and personality development should be based in theory that is supported by research. Disorders are typically defined by the severity and number of presenting symptoms. Diagnostic interviews are typically utilized to identify these variables. Additionally, objective assessment tools provide a comparison with the general population to help judge the severity of the symptoms. Objective measures also provide a systematic approach to matching severe enough symptoms with the known criteria for any given disorder. The use of projective techniques can add additional insight to underlying thoughts and feelings, and often compliment the objective approach by imparting the individual’s unique “voice” on the assessment. A comprehensive evaluation provides diagnostic clarity for social-emotional or personality factors that might contribute to impaired functioning and offers recommendations that are likely to help resolve and/or manage the problem.

If you are an organization, healthcare professional, attorney, or individual and think you may need testing, please call or email my offices today.